As we share our highlights for 2019, we also celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of those behind the scenes; those who have made this possible. We say thank you to our partners, developers, volunteers, members of staff and to everyone who has supported us and helped to build this dream. Together, we were able to change lives by creating an environment, as well as opportunities for our talented youth to explore and discover their potential.

Here are some of our most notable accomplishments for 2019:

1. We mentored and trained dozens of youth, setting them on the path to translate their raw potential into earning potential through tech career paths.

2. We created gainful employment for twenty-two bright, young, Guyanese professionals, most of whom are now among the first Conversational AI specialists in Guyana and possibly the region.

3. We facilitated networking and exposure opportunities within the region, North America and the Middle East for budding local tech specialists, tech entrepreneurs and the Department of Computer Science from the University of Guyana.

4. We fostered homegrown tech innovations through a unique hackathon model. Through a hack-solve event held in March 2019 supported by the IDB, over 30 individuals collaborated on the proof of concept for an intelligent reporting information system for Guyana.

5. We launched an engaging tech environment for youth to find themselves personally and professionally which has now taken on a life of its own to inspire the next generation of tech leaders.

6. We collaborated with other organizations to support initiatives which aimed at creating an impact in the lives of those around us.

Here’s to a prosperous 2020 and beyond!


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