A Social Network for Social Impact.

CoActing.Org is a prototyped solution which was produced during the inaugural Nexus Hack-Solve event held in August, 2018.

It was devised to be a social network of advocacy groups. non-governmental and governmental organizations, each with a publically accessible directory of causes, milestones and other indicators of performance. In addition, to making the various entities aware of each other for collaboration purposes,  the system is able to maintain a canvas of long term goals, successful causes and related achievements in order to highlight areas of society which are in need of attention towards social and economic development of a nation. The prototyped solution also offers the general public the ability to post and discuss issues which may be upvoted into problems categorized by sector, at which point a registered organization may adopt the problem and work towards addressing it by creating a cause.  

Nexus Hub Inc. is actively working to secure further support to take the project to production.