Supporting, training and employing industry-ready tech specialists

Active as of Aug, 2018

The NeXus Hub Paid Apprenticeship Programme aims to financially support talented minds as they work along with a resident tech company to become industry-ready in as little as 3 months.

Each apprenticeship program is based on an actual industry attachment, made possible through an agreement with a collaborating tech company, so trained apprentices may seamlessly transition into jobs upon completion of their training.  The program is executed by select developers of a resident tech company within Nexus Hub, who initially undergo requisite training by the collaborating company to become trainers themselves. The collaborating tech company provides the funding to financially support the apprentices during the programme, and pay the trainers. In addition, a standard margin is retained by the Nexus Hub Inc. for hosting and coordinating the apprentices. Following the completion of the programme, the trained apprentices may continue to work for the collaborating company within the communal workspace provided by Nexus Hub Inc.

The collaborating tech company may be a local entity, however, the preferred arrangement is one in which this company exists offshore for a mutually beneficial outcome – the collaborating company benefits from a “turn-key” near-shore development workforce while Nexus Hub Inc. derives revenue for sustainable operation by way of providing workspace and team management services. Further, this arrangement permits Nexus Hub Inc. to create engaging opportunities for local talent to mitigate the export of skilled professionals.

Pilot Apprenticeship Programme, A Success!

(from left: Sean Singh, Candace Nelson, Jay Carter, Vanisha Munroe, Deenauth Mohabeer)

In October 2018, we launched our paid apprenticeship programme designed to create industry-ready specialists and start them on a career path in tech. We collaborated with Clinc Inc. an AI company in Ann Arbor to fund the pilot of training five AI competency engineers who would have the opportunity to do work for the company remotely. We also collaborated with Version75 Solutions (V75), a local tech company who had two of their developers initially trained by Clinc Inc. to execute the programme here at home. The programme was a phenomenal success. The stellar performance of the first five has guaranteed future installments of the programme and we now have five certified AI competency engineers who have chosen to begin their careers in building some of the most advanced conversational AI experiences in industry, from right here at home. This represents just one of our many tech movements committed to tech industry growth and development in Guyana.